This Bible story series run about the life of Jesus Christ was adapted from the book Who Was Jesus, Really? (Book 1,2,3) By James Taiwo.



We have talked, so far, about Jesus’ unusual way of doing things. For example, he called his disciples at odd times in their lives, yet, the exercise was successful. In this episode, we are going to talk about Jesus’ first miracle ever. The story and the lessons learned were adopted from Chapter Five of Who Was Jesus Really? Book One.

Also, try and read along from your Bible (John 2)

Jesus, who was the chosen Son of God, always does his things by God’s timing. He decided to first spend time with his disciples before going public with his ministry. But, one event changed it all!

A wedding event took place at Cana of Galilee; Jesus was invited, so he decided to bring his disciples along. Mary, Jesus’ mother, was there also.

Everything was going great at the wedding until something unexpected happened; the wine finished! 

Can you imagine!

Back then, having little wine at a wedding reflects so bad on the couple’s parents. It means they were poor and couldn’t plan well.

Do you know what happened eventually? (I won’t tell you now, just keep reading 🙂 )

The event organizer told Mary about the problem of insufficient wine. 

Hmm, Mary seemed to have a solution! 

She knew her son (Jesus) could perform any miracle for any need. She had seen Jesus at home, doing many unimaginable things – good stuff! 

Mary went to tell Jesus about what had just happened. She said, “They have no wine!” 

Jesus knew what Mary was up to. She wanted him to perform a miracle. 

Jesus replied, “What would I have to do with you woman? My time is not yet come”. 

What do you think Mary would do with Jesus’ response? 

Most mothers would let things be at that point and tell the wedding organizer, “I’m sorry, Sir, my son doesn’t’ want to be bothered!” But, guess what – Mary didn’t do that! 

Mary wouldn’t budge for a negative affirmation. She knew Jesus always does good things for people; she knew he would help.

So, Mary instructed the organizer to make sure he does whatever Jesus tells him to do. 

In other words, Mary was saying, make sure to obey Jesus’ any instruction no matter how absurd it may sound. 

Truly, Jesus’ statement sounded absurd. He asked the wedding organizer to go and fetch ordinary water and serve people, starting from the chairman of the event. 

Can you imagine that!

The organizer was smart to obey Jesus. He did everything that Jesus asked him to do.  

Now you can guess what happened after that? It was Jesus’ first public miracle. 

The water turned to wine! 


Yep, the water turned to wine. And the wine tasted much better than any other wine people have ever tasted.


Children – What Lesson Do We Learn Here?

O boy - Nope!

Good girl - Yes, Obedience!

From this book, we learn how important it is to obey the word of Jesus no matter how we feel about it, whether we think it makes sense or not. 

Obedience is a sign of trust and faith in God. 

In other words, obeying and trusting the word of God will always generate the miracle we are expecting. 

Of course, obedience is not the only lesson to learn from this story. There are other lessons, which are explained in Chapter 5 of Who Was Jesus Really? Book One. You may want to grab a copy of this book. 

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