People Must Exhibit Trust In God To Recieve…

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Christians Must Do Away With Worrying Passage: Matthew…

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Jesus Turns Water Into Wine
This Bible story series run about the life of Jesus Christ was adapted from the book Who Was Jesus, Really? (Book 1,2,3) By James Taiwo.…
Jesus chooses disciples
This Bible story series run about the life of Jesus Christ was adapted from the book Who Was Jesus, Really? (Book 1,2,3) By James Taiwo.…
A Bible story series run about the life of Jesus Christ adapted from the book Who Was Jesus, Really? By James Taiwo. JESUS FACES TEMPTATION…

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Jesus Christ taught his twelve disciples, as well as other Christians throughout the world, to carry their cross daily and follow him. To meet this obligation and faithfully serve God, People have to dip themselves into the word of God. They must learn and understand the Bible.

We rely on the Holy Spirit to deliver an undiluted word of God to you. We also rely on the Holy Spirit to illuminate your mind to fully understand the word of the God as we share them. Indeed, true interpretation and understanding of the word of God can only be achieved through the help of the Holy Spirit - To operate in God’s will and accept the Lordship of His Son Jesus Christ.

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