God hates idol worshipers


God hates idol worshipers. God doesn’t want anyone to share his glory with an idol. Whoever faithfully serves God will prosper.

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People who faithfully serve God in this life will receive huge rewards from God in heaven.

The is much assurance that whoever stands for God in truth and righteousness will God to be on his or her side. The person should also be assured that God has reserved a better place for him in heaven with huge rewards.

The almighty God will honor Christ-followers with an imperishable crown of glory; they will have their past painful memories wiped and replaced with a clean one.

Christ’s saints will dine and wine with him in heaven; they will sing a new song to his praise, and they will also remain in perfect peace forever.

Serving God is better than wasting energy on serving idols. Meanwhile, not just to claim to serve God is enough. A person must confess Jesus Christ as Lord to be able to offer acceptable worship to God.

People who have confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior while on earth will rejoice in the bosom of the Almighty forever!

Unbelievers and idol worshipers will meet a lot of surprises on God’s day of judgment. God won’t grant them passage to his kingdom.

Those who have denied the lordship of Jesus Christ will not have a place in heaven; they will struggle in hell with Satan in hellfire and be condemned forever.

Read more about idol worship and evil doctrines and their consequences https://biblearena.org/evil-doctrine-incurs-gods-wrath-1-kings/

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