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God hates idol worshipers


God hates idol worshipers. God doesn’t want anyone to share his glory with an idol. Whoever faithfully serves God will prosper. Continue reading God hates idol worshipers

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Christians must learn humility


Christians must learn humility from Jesus Christ who washed the feet of his disciples. Continue reading Christians must learn humility

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The Publicized Judgment Day Will Come

judgment day

The widely publicized judgment day of the Lord will come. The saints will go to heaven and the sinners will end up in hell. Cast your trust in Jesus; believe in him and be saved. Continue reading The Publicized Judgment Day Will Come

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Christians’ efforts are not limited to Sunday services #sunday #sundayservice #christianity

loveChristians’ efforts are not limited to Sunday services. We are required to demonstrate love within and without the church.

#christians #efforts #effort #services #loveu #hope #motivational

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Holy Spirit guides people #spirit #salvation #healing #box

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit guides people to receive salvation, faith, healing, and other goodness. Yield to the Holy Spirit and have them in one box! Continue reading Holy Spirit guides people #spirit #salvation #healing #box

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Worship God on a routine basis #miracle #life #start #thank


Worship God on a routine basis and watch his miracles happen in your life. You can start right now and start, “Thank you, Lord!” Continue reading Worship God on a routine basis #miracle #life #start #thank

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Humans can’t change God’s plan #humanity #human #change

God's plan

Humans can’t change God’s plan, but humans can walk in God’s plan. Aspire to walk in His plan, and you won’t regret it! Continue reading Humans can’t change God’s plan #humanity #human #change

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Bible Secret Life Achievement #secret #life #achievement


The secret to life achievement can be found in the Bible, which is the word of God. Continue reading Bible Secret Life Achievement #secret #life #achievement

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deadDid Christ rose from the dead? One of the greatest events in history that clarify the genuineness of the Christian faith is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but how genuine is the event?

Though, there are skeptics who would say that the resurrection is a myth or a fable. However, if Christ didn’t rise from the dead, then that would have probably been the end of Christianity.

Here are 7 concrete reasons to believe that Christ rose from the dead.

  • Jesus Said He Would Rise From The Dead

Long before he was crucified, he talked about his death and then his resurrection from the dead.

“The son of man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders and the chief priests and the scribes and be killed, and after three days rise again.” (Mark 8:31)

There were a lot of people who didn’t believe any of these words. Some even said it’s a plot to make people believe that he was immortal. Some of his accusers said in Matthew 27:63,

“Sir, we remember how that impostor said, while he was still alive, ‘after three days I will rise’”.

The first evidence is that Jesus himself spoke of it.

  • The Empty Tomb

After he died on the cross, Joseph and Nicodemus came to collect his body, took him away and buried him. A large stone was then rolled over the tomb. But on the day of the resurrection, the stone had been rolled away and his body was no longer there.

I Cor. 15:3-4 tells us that not just that Jesus died, but that he was buried. He was laid in a tomb after his death. But on resurrection morning, his body was not there any longer.

The tomb still remains empty today.

  • Post-Resurrection Appearances

Over the span 40 days, he appeared to his disciples in different places. He didn’t just appear to them, but he also ate with them, walked with them.

Even the doubting Thomas was able to touch him.

  • The Risen Jesus Appeared To Apostle Paul

Apostle Paul was once an adept persecutor of the gospel. He explained in Galatians 1:11-17 that his gospel comes from the risen Jesus Christ, not from men.

He said Jesus appeared to him on his way to Damascus where he was going to violently oppose the Christians.

This experience changed his life. He risked his life for the gospel.

He was one of the greatest apostles.

  • His Body Was Never Found

After they learned of his resurrection, a lot of efforts were made to find out what really happened.

His tomb was empty on the third day. It remains empty today.

His enemies never denied that his tomb was empty, they said his disciples stole his body. Yet the tomb was protected by Roman guards.

This empty tomb offers some of the greatest evidence that he rose from the dead.

  • The Martyrdom Of The Apostles

After the reappearance of Jesus for 40 days, the apostles left their businesses, careers, homes, and families behind, and went to different parts of the world to preach the gospel.

Throughout their journey, there was at least one person looking to kill them.

These people gave their lives and died horrible, gruesome and painful deaths because they believed in Christ.

Despite the cruel and painful ways they were killed, not one of them changed their story.

Do you think anyone would do this to protect a lie?

They knew the same Christ who defeated death would raise them up, too.

  • Miraculous Ending To A Miraculous Life

The journey of Jesus Christ was filled with so many wondrous acts.

Whenever he preach the word, he never left without at least one sign of a miracle.

He healed the blind, the deaf and the dumb, cured the lepers, and forgave the sinners.

He made the lame walk and brought others back to life.

He fed 5000 men by miraculously multiplying five loaves of bread and two fishes.

The storms obeyed his voice.

He died after doing all these and rose on the third day.

“A miraculous end to a miraculous life”. What else should we expect?

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We started this series by discussing some great men of faith in the bible. We’ve already looked at the life of Abraham and Moses. In this episode, we shall be discussing another faith giant – Joseph as portrayed in the third chapter of the book, Bible Giants of Faith.

Joseph was one of Jacob’s 12 sons. His mother, Rachael was Jacob’s favorite; unfortunately, she died young, and Jacob transferred his affection to her children. Therefore, he loved Joseph dearly and made him a cloth of many colors.

The book, Bible Giants of Faith describes his father’s affections towards him in details. This only made his brothers hate him so much.

The boy Joseph, had a dream that he would become the leader of their family. He naively informed his brothers of his dream. This increased their hatred towards him, and they sold him to slavery.

As if this wasn’t enough, the Ishmaelites, who bought him from his brothers, sold him again to Egypt as a slave. But little did they know that God’s grace upon him could not be sold off to slavery. He ended up in Potiphar’s house, an officer of King Pharaoh.

Potiphar soon realized how gifted the boy was and made him the chief servant of his house.

Joseph Flee Fornication

The book, “Bible Giants of Faith” shows us that things were starting to go on well with Joseph until Potiphar’s wife started developing an interest in him and wanted him to be her lover. She asked him to sleep with her, but he refused.

She kept on disturbing him, and one day, while Joseph was performing his housekeeping duty, Potiphar’s wife held his clothes and told him to come and lay with her.

Even though no one was there to see them, Joseph feared God so much that he said to her, “How then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?” (Gen. 39:9 KJV).

Look at that statement. He didn’t say “…and sin against my master, Potiphar”. Joseph feared God that much. He was able to escape the scene, but the woman seized his cloth and falsely accused that he was attempting to rape her.

The situation landed Joseph in prison, but the grace of God upon him and his talent showed forth again. The chief prison guard handed over the affairs of the prison to his care.

God’s Plan Never Fails!

One day, king Pharaoh had a dream that worried him, but none of his soothsayers and wise men could interpret the dream. The chief cupbearer, having heard of this, remembered Joseph and how he interpreted his own dream that brought forth his restoration to the palace.

Pharaoh summoned Joseph to the palace to interpret his dream. Joseph was able to interpret the dream as God gave him the secret.

Long story short, all lands lacked food supply except Egypt, where people had anticipated and prepared for the famine as Joseph recommended.

The king rewarded him with the position of Egypt prime minister. Pharaoh said, “I am Pharaoh, but without your word, no one will lift hand or foot in all Egypt” (Gen. 41:44 NIV).

The situation made people, far and near, come to buy food in Egypt.

Joseph’s brothers also came. They were afraid because they thought he would avenge their wickedness, but he told them he’d forgiven them. This made them bow to him and acknowledged him as their leader, which was in line with the dream that he had had several years before that his brothers would someday bow down to him.

Some Important Lessons from Joseph

Christians must demonstrate courage to trust in God’s promises, especially when it seems difficult to do so.

We must believe the promises of God and be confident that he is able to do all things. We must believe God even when other people have lost hope.

Join us again in the next episode as we discuss another giant of faith!

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More on Joseph and other giants of faith?

Join us in our next episode as we reveal many Bible stories that will excite and motivate you!
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Bible Giants of Faith - book

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