Christians must exercise patience as they evangelize


Jesus exercised patience to accomplish his mission of saving humanity. Christians also must exercise patience as they evangelize the gospel to others. Each evangelist must preach, pray, and have patience.

Jesus Christ endured and overcame all the challenges that crossed his path for the sake of accomplishing the goal of establishing a salvation pathway for humankind. Christ came to the earth to preach the gospel; he suffered and died for the course. He declared, “Mission accomplished” on the cross. Believers must also follow suit and prioritize gospel evangelization as God required.

Christians have the obligation to extend the gospel light to all people around us, and beyond. Paul challenged Timothy (as well as other Christians throughout the world) to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Keep reading this here

The Name of Jesus Is Effective for Evangelism; Preach Gospel! Christians to take advantage of the authority consisted in the name of Jesus Christ to preach the effective gospel, and prosper. Our obedience will make a significant impact for the kingdom of God. Keep reading this here

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