Christianity Reigns Beyond Idolatry

(Passage: Acts 19)

Demetrius who cave materials for the shrine of goddess Diana at Ephesus insinuated an uproar against God’s evangelists. The Ephesians supported Demetrius to defend their idols, and they chanted songs of praise to their goddess Diana (an idol) in protest against God’s evangelists and their gospel messages.

The scripture reported, “When they found out that he (Alexander – one of the evangelist) was a Jew, all with one voice cried out for about two hours, “Great is Diana of the Ephesians!” (Acts 19:34).

Common Sense Disdain Idol worship

It is unfortunate to see people who God made dedicating their lives to idol worship. God requires that all people worship him; however, some people are gifted with luxury travels and lives by God still go to any length to defend the forbidden practices of idolatry. Worse still, some people fight for the sake of their gods! They kill others in protest of anyone insulting their deity. However, common sense proves that no one needs to fight to defend his or her god. At least anything worth of worship ought to be strong enough to defend itself! Yet people still kill for the sake of religion defence.

Any God should be allowed to prove itself. Meanwhile, everyone knows that idols are dummy! They can neither talk nor see. It makes sense for people to serve the living God who is the Creator of heaven and earth. He is the only deity worthy of worship! All people should submit to God and serve Him with a contrite heart so that they can obtain his blessing. It is also important that all people accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He must be confessed as the only Savior sent by God to save the world from its sins. Anyone who confesses Jesus Christ as Lord shall be saved on God’s last day of judgment.

Christians believe in the living God of heaven as the real God.

Pray for Strength to Serve the Living God

I believe that the living God who lives in heaven and reigns on earth is the real God. I also believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I understand that my faith in Jesus Christ will rescue me from God’s wrath that would come upon this present earth. I strongly believe that there is no other God except the living God and no one can get to his presence without first confessing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and he is the Lord. This is my declaration, and this is my testimony. Amen.


James Taiwo

Post by James Taiwo – author of Book of Prayers | Pinnacle of Compassion | Bible Application Lessons | Success Express Lane | Bible Giants of Faith & others. Learn More

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