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Nothing Carries More Weight Than True Love

(Passage: Luke 23)

If love and hatred are compared, love wins. True love, nothing like it! It is more special to God than anything else.

God has a true love for us (humanity) and sent us his only Son, Jesus Christ, to save us from our sins. Jesus also came here to do everything in pure love.

Since love is so important to God, you and I must understand we will never meet the threshold of becoming a true child of God without loving God and loving others.

No greater law than the requirement that we must love God with all our hearts and might. And that we must also be gracious and love other people as ourselves.

Here are these two questions you should answer:

  1. Are you a child of God?
  2. Do you have a true love for others?

Your answer must be “Yes” to those two questions to meet the requirement set by God for you to qualify for God’s kingdom. In other words, God won’t welcome you to heaven if you are not a child of God, and if you don’t truly love others at the same time.

Let’s learn from Jesus, who demonstrated what it takes to show perfect love to others.

God sent him (Jesus) to save humanity from sin. The task wasn’t easy for the Son of God because he had to deal with a difficult species.

Jesus came and preached peace and love to the people of the world. He helped the poor and did many other good things. But, people abused him.

They resented and mocked him. 

People persecuted Jesus and wished him dead. (They got that in the end).

Despite the hostility that Christ faced, he was determined to have a genuine love for the people. 

Christ loved everyone, regardless of whether they appreciate him or not.

No Rivalry For Genuine Love 

True love drove Jesus to focus on his mission to save humanity. He finished his task!

As a child of God, you are better off when you allow love to motivate you in performing your task.

Learn from Jesus Christ, who truly loved difficult people in difficult situations.

Jesus, the Son of God, responded with love when people he came to save hated him. 

When they persecuted Jesus and dragged him to the cross, he ensured to include in his final words:

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do” (Luke 23:34).

Don’t forget it won’t be easy to show true love, but you must do as God required.

See what people did to Jesus, as he chose to let love rule:

  1. People and their rulers said, “He saved others; let Him save Himself if he is the Christ, the chosen of God” (Luke 23:35).
  2. The soldiers mocked him and gave him vinegar to drink (Luke 23: 36).
  3. The soldiers mocked him and said, “If you are the King of the Jews, save yourself” (Luke 23: 37).
  4. His accusation was written on his cross for all people to mock with “THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS” (Luke 23: 38).
  5. Jesus was nailed to the cross alongside two convicted criminals (Luke 23: 39).
  6. One of the criminals mocked Jesus and said, “If you are the Christ, save yourself and us” (Luke 23: 39).
  7. Jesus cried in pain, and no one helped him; he eventually died on the cross.

Consider the characteristic of Jesus Christ, as he demonstrated true love to others:

  1. Jesus preached God’s kingdom, irrespective of any surrounding circumstance.
  2. Despite constant terror and persecutions, Jesus remained positive, and he continued to do good for people.
  3. Jesus fed the poor, raised the dead, and healed numerous diseases.
  4. (Yeah, the list of the good things that Jesus did for others is endless, but people still persecuted and killed him. But he loved his enemies.)


True Love Has a Consequence

You can’t love and be at a loss. It’s impossible!

Love rules at all times. Even when you consider it’s a loss, re-evaluate the situation, you will discover that love has won.

Consider this: 

Christ’s death has become our gain. We die to sin through his death, and true his resurrection, we resurrect to godliness and qualify for heaven.


Pray For Salvation

Dear God, I am grateful that Jesus chose love instead of hatred. I thank Jesus for enduring all things for the sake of saving poor sinners like me. What more can I do than to appreciate what Christ has done for me! Therefore, I confess my faith in Jesus Christ. I believe he is the Son of God, and I accept him as my personal Lord and Savior. From now on, I am a child of God. Glory to God in the highest! Amen.

Remember: Jesus Christ Preached True Love

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God Delivers All Of His Children Regardless Of Any Factor

(Passage: Psalm 74)

God is ever active. God is neither deaf nor dumb. God is not aloof and uncaring towards his children. He speaks and hears the outcry of his children in need. He is never too busy to deliver you whenever you call unto Him. God cares for you!

The Lord is always willing and ready to come to our aid. He’s only waiting to hear from us. All you need to do is open your mouth and call upon Him in times of trouble and He will deliver you.

The Israelites suffered terrible blows from their enemies and lamented to God for his rescue. The people cried and begged God to defend them for the sake of his name. The Israelites lamented,

“We do not see our signs; There is no longer any prophet; nor is there any among us who knows how long. O God, how long will the adversary reproach? Will the enemy blaspheme your name forever? (Psalm 74:9-10).

In addition,

The Israelites turned their distressing situations into prayers and said, “Remember this, that the enemy has reproached, O Lord, and that a foolish people has blasphemed your name. Oh, do not deliver the life of your turtle dove to the wild beast!

…Do not forget the life of your poor forever. Have respect to the covenant; for the dark places of the earth are full of the haunts of cruelty” (Psalm 74:18-20).


God Delivers His True Children

Deliverance and salvation will come to the people of God in their distressing situations. Horrible circumstances cannot overpower God’s children, because they have God’s Spirit residing in them.

Besides, God watches over his own children, and he recognizes their voices among the multitude. Just like any parent, God recognizes our voices – his own children! He will come to us in our times of need.

The Lord will defend our interests and fight our battles (We- the Children of God).

God will plead our cause and save us from our enemies.

Meanwhile, when God arises on our behalves, the enemies are in trouble! God will make them pay more than they have stolen.

Jehovah will beat down the enemies until they have become completely irrelevant. The enemies of God’s children will have much to suffer. They will suffer many casualties in an unprecedented manner.

God will leave the enemies of righteousness an impression that will last their lifetime. Hence, if God is for us (children of God), who can be against us? Let every believer shout a loud hallelujah!

God's power

God Delivers: Proclaim God’s Power Over Your Life

“I am so glad I belong to God, I am so glad I belong to Jesus Christ, who is the defender of his people!”

Indeed I am glad that Jehovah is my Father who will take care of my business. He will defend me from the snares of the fowlers and save my soul from adversity.

God, the Creator of the universe will serve my interest in all ramifications for the sake of his glory. Satan and all his forces will be ashamed over my life, and God alone will be glorified!

I am a strong believer in God’s power. The salvation of Jesus Christ has been my heritage forever! Praise God, and bless his Son Jesus Christ forever! Amen.

Remember: God Delivers From Any Situation When You Call



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