God's Plans

God's Plans

God’s Plans For Christians Will Be Actualized For Their Benefit

(Passage: Genesis 41)

Joseph experienced a vivid manifested of God’s plan beyond any expectation. A once abused and forsaken son of Jacob became the deliverer of his people! He became the God-sent person he dreamed about decades before.

Joseph saved his father’s household from a terrible famine that could have wiped them from history.

King Pharaoh said to Joseph,

“I am Pharaoh, and without your consent no man may lift his hand or foot in all the land of Egypt… Your father and your brothers have come to you. The land of Egypt is before you.

…Have your father and brothers dwelt in the best of the land; let them dwell in the land of Goshen…

Then Joseph provided his father, his brothers, and all his father’s household, with bread, according to the number in their families” (Genesis 41:44; Genesis 47:6; Genesis 47:12).

God's plan

Serving God In Righteousness Guarantees Protection

The greatness of God is beyond any human comprehension. God’s plans surpass human thoughts and imaginations! Nothing can stop the Creator from doing whatever he has ordained to be done! Even when all factors have proven otherwise, God can turn any situation around to become a blessing for his children!

Hence, it is important that Christians know that we are serving a God of possibilities! We serve a God that cannot be stopped by any situation, and we must rest assured in his promises for our lives.

No matter what cloud of darkness we may see today, God will turn it around to serve a good purpose in our lives. God’s light will shine at the end of our tunnel. He will save, heal, deliver, and restore us, as he has promised.

The true and the Living God that we serve will surely demonstrate his strength to make all things work to our advantage. He will help us in our times of need and bless us until our cups become overflow!

It is important that every son and daughter of God remains steadfast with him. We must keep obeying and serving him in righteousness so that we can enjoy his benefits to the fullest – That is, if we want God’s plans to fully come to pass in our lives.

God, who never sleeps nor slumbers, will ensure that we have victory and share our testimony to his honor!

prayer of security

Pray For Grace To Follow God’s Plans Wholeheartedly

I am so happy that I serve a living God, who can do all things! I serve God who is well and able to fulfill all his promises in my life. My God never sleeps nor slumbers! He will not forsake me, but will keep his words so that I can testify to the glory of his name! All I ask now is for the grace and strength to keep trusting him until the end!

…Please, God, help me to hold on to your promises until they completely manifest in my life. As I continue to trust you, let every situation turn around for my benefit. Let me experience your salvation, blessing, healing, and deliverance.

…Please let the testimony of your goodness ever remain in my mouth! For in the name of Jesus Christ, I make my requests. Amen.

Remember: God’s Plans Can’t Be Stopped By Any Factor

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